Almighty Volume Keys apk download

Use the volume keys to do common everyday tasks. Quick and simple!

Remap the hardware volume buttons! They can do more then just changing volume!

For example, volume Up turns on flashlight, Long Up skips music track, Up->Up starts recording sound, Down->Down->Down mutes sound.. you decide the commands and actions. When an action is executed any volume change that happened is reset, so no risk to mix up commands and volume changes.

No need to use the touch screen, turn on the screen, take off your gloves, or even take the device out of your pocket!

Use the volume keys to:
• Turn flashlight on and off
• Control music (play/ pause/ skip track/ previous track)
• Announce currently playing music (with computer voice)
• Change keyboard
• Change system language
• Change screen orientation
• Turn on and off screen auto-rotation
• Turn on and off Bluetooth
• Set sound mode (sound/ vibrate/ mute)
• Turn on and off Do Not Disturb
• Tell time (with computer voice)
• Record sound
• Run a Tasker task (can do pretty much anything)
• And also, change the volume 🙂

No ads, no root access needed, no difficult setup, no dangerous permission-requests.


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