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App Lock allows you to lock apps and protect your apps with patterns, PINs, fingerprints, and screenshots.

– – Main Features – – –
▶ App Lock/App Lock
AppLock allows you to use your fingerprint, PIN, pattern, and screenshots to lock apps like Gallery, Messaging, Social, and Email.

Take a photo of the attacker
If someone tries to unlock an app locked with the wrong password, AppLock will take a picture of the intruder from the front-facing camera and show it to you when AppLock is turned on.

▶ Lock recent apps
You can lock the recent apps page so that no one can see the content of recent apps.

▶ Custom Settings
Use different locking methods with different pins or patterns for specific applications.

▶ Screen crashes

Set a crash screen for locked apps so no one knows if the app is locked.

▶ Support fingerprint
Use your fingerprint as a second step or use your fingerprint to lock apps.

▶ Improved locking engine
AppLock uses two locking engines, the default one is faster, the “improved locking engine” is power efficient with the added feature of not draining the battery.

▶ Turn off app lock
You can turn off AppLock completely, go into the app settings and close the app.

▶ Lock Timeout
You can lock the app again immediately after a period of [1-60] minutes or after the screen is turned off.

▶ Simple and beautiful user interface
Beautiful and simple user interface so you can easily perform any task.

▶ lock screen
The color of the lock screen changes based on the apps you’ve locked, so you’ll experience a different app lock each time the lock screen appears.

▶ Prevent uninstall
To protect AppLock from being uninstalled, go to AppLock settings and press “Force Close/Uninstall”.

questions to ask

Q2: How to create different PIN codes and patterns for each application?
A: Select the app you want to lock from the app list, lock the app and click Customize, then open “Custom Settings”, and then change the password and pattern.

Q3: How to prevent others from uninstalling my AppLock?
A: Go to settings and click “Force Stop/Uninstall”. Then lock your mobile settings.

Q4: Will App Lock work after restarting the phone?
A: Yes, it will start working and your locked apps will be protected.

Q5: How to check which apps are locked?
A: Select “Locked Apps” in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of AppLock.

Q6: What does “Lock Recent Apps” do?
A: This option prevents anyone from seeing your recently opened apps.

Q7: I installed AppLock, but didn’t choose to lock my apps with fingerprint?
A: Depends on whether your phone has a fingerprint scanner and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) version, then the fingerprint app lock method also works.

Q8: When I turn on AppLock on a Huawei device, will I be asked to provide the AppLock service option?
A: Because you added AppLock in the list of protected apps on your Huawei phone.

Q9: What is “splash screen”?
A: For some apps, if you have Crash Screen enabled, after long-pressing OK, a window with an “App Crash” message will appear.

Q10: How to enable the splash screen option in AppLock?
A: In the app list, lock the app you want, click “Custom” and enable custom settings and enable “Crash”.

Q15: How to uninstall AppLock?
A: First remove AppLock from Device Admin in Mobile Settings or AppLock Settings, then uninstall it.

• Accessibility Services: This application uses Accessibility Services to enable the Enhanced Lock Engine and stop battery drain.
• Draw other apps: AppLock can use this permission to draw the lock screen on your locked apps.
• Usage permission: AppLock uses this permission to determine if AppLock is turned on.
• This application uses device administrator permission: We use this permission to prevent other users from uninstalling this application. Locked content is fully protected.


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