Best Apps to Calculate Sunrise and Sunset 2019

Every task of our life totally depends on every day routine. If you are an early riser, you have plenty of time to manage all your daily work in a very good day. Late risers often have issues related to their health, study and disturbed routinely activities. For Best Apps to Calculate Sunrise and Sunset spending perfect life, you must do your task on time.

For this purpose, you should have idea that on what time the day starts, what will be the best time to offer prayer, when you should workout, and what is the proper time of having meal.

As it is the era of latest technology, many of the apps are designed to let you know about the sunrise, sunset and weather. You can use such applications to make your schedule better. These applications have many other smart features like location tracking etc so that you are informed with accurate timing.

Best Apps to Calculate Sunrise and Sunset:

Following Apps in the list will helps you to calculate Sunrise and Sunset, you can enjoy sun rising and setting in every season. These app will let you know the exact timing of the sun, so, you can set your alarm according the apps and arise when it is moment. Following are the best apps to calculate sunrise and sunset that makes your start of the day beautiful.

Sun Position Sunrise and Sunset Demo

The first application is worth amazing as it has lots of feature. It can precisely identify location of your city and country and inform you about dawn and dusk. You can install this app for free and it takes less storage without harming your device. It is ads free and very popular among the world.

Moreover, the application is perfectly working give you instructions related to solar path and lunar path with high quality images. There is an in built map in the application which can provide the exact position of sun and moon by tracking your location.

It will let you know about the golden hour, blue hour and the movement of moon and sun across the sky. It works in a very good way as you can see the rotation of sun with respect to directions and degree of rotation. It has simple interface and installation is also free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.andymstone.sunpositiondemo]

 LunaSolCal Mobile

The application will provide you brief information about the sun. it is built in a unique way that you if you install the app in your phone, you will find all the options adjusted according to your phone. Similarly installing the app in tablet or in larger device will give you amazing larger display.

LunaSolCal will not only let you know about the sunrise and sunset movements but also for moon. You can select a specific date using the app on which you want to see the timing, duration and declination of sun/moon.

Using the app you can share your information on other social sites including Facebook, twitter etc.

[appbox googleplay id=com.vvse.lunasolcal]

Sun Surveyor Lite

The application is designed to satisfy the user by providing each and every detail related to sunrise and sunset. You can observe 360 degree rotation of sun with respect to earth so that you can better plan your everyday tasks.

You can also visualize the sun’s path throughout the months and year using this app.

There is an in built compass needle within the app through which you can see the directions and rotation of the sun simultaneously. The app is built with accuracy so that you are informed with the exact golden hours, blue hours and every detail of dawn and dusk.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ratana.sunsurveyorlite]

Golden Hour

The application helps you to find exact time of sunrise and sunset. The application is user friendly and easy to use for everyone. There is no need to have internet connection for running the golden hour.

You can use it without connectivity. If you want to know about the exact timing of your city, you need to ‘on’ your device’s location so that it can work accordingly.

The app can notify you about the upcoming sunrise and sunset and also inform you about the golden hours, blue hours etc.

[appbox googleplay id=com.simplaapliko.goldenhour]

SunCalc org

The application is much faster as compared to other apps. You will not find any complex steps to operate it. The application has simple and user friendly interface. It can tell the exact timing of arrival of sun, the time of the day on which it would be on peak.

How many hours are taken by the sun to set off again and all the details related to sun is available on this app.

Moreover, It can also detect the path of the sun on which it can move and the length of the shadow created. All the tasks require location permission and it is also linked with map.

You can also add your locations within the app to get related information very easily.

[appbox googleplay]

Sunrise Sunset

The application let the user know about each and every detail of the day and night. You can find out the duration of day of your favorite place by simply entering your location.

The Sunrise calculator app come with pretty interesting graphics that allow you to quickly find what you want.

You can get relevant information like golden hours, declination of the day, the time at which sun would be on peak, some astronomical and weather details are also available here.

Moreover, it also tells you about direction with its compass.

The app also works with clock to provide you details with respect to time. It can give you 3D display of the movement of the sun.

[appbox googleplay id=com.alokmandavgane.sunrisesunset]

Sunrise Sunset Calculator

The application is worth amazing as it can work with and without internet connection. If you have internet connection, you can simply on your GPS and search the place where you want to see sunrise and sunset.

Instead you can simply open the app and select the city of which you need to know.

Moreover, you can customize your own list of places and get related information about them all. The application works very smoothly and easy to use. You can purchase it enjoy more than four different styles of its home screen.

[appbox googleplay]

Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise & Sunset is free to install with lots of new feature. You can get the app without any payment with user friendly interface. Its paid version is also available with more features and without ads.

You can have many of the different views like you can get information related to sunrise and sunset in graphical display. You can see calendar view with dates and time to see the rotation of soon with respect to every minute.

[appbox googleplay id=dk.bjarneds.sunrisesunset]

Sunrise: Sunset Sunrise Times

The application is simple to use and provides you details related to sunrise and sunset. It can work best with the location so that you can see the exact place.

The interface is easy to handle and works with all of the devices. Get the timing of sunrise, sunset its highest point, the time of declination and much more.

You will also find natural scenes in the wallpapers offered by the app. It will also notify you with reminders about the day.

[appbox googleplay id=com.razorfishlab.sunrise]

Sun Surveyor (Sun & moon)

The application offers you the exact timing of sunset and sunrise. You can get the exact location and its climate of the day using this application.

You can even visualize the rotation of the sun, its path and movements with respect to time using this app. You can use it with internet connection and it can also work without internet.

It requires the GPS on for tracking your location.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ratana.sunsurveyor]

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