Best Graphics Settings for GTA 5 PC 2022

The in-game GTA 5 graphics setting is the first port of call to improve graphics and fix low FPS. You’ll need to balance smooth graphics and frame rates if you don’t have a gaming PC. The GTA V low-cost PC setup shown here will allow you to run the game on a regular computer that is not optimized for gaming.

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Basic of Graphics Settings

GTA 5 automatically balances graphics and FPS based on your hardware. The video memory bar at the top shows how much the game is demanding from your graphics card. Higher settings consume more memory and make the graphics cleaner and more detailed at the cost of lower FPS. If you’re not getting the FPS you want, here are the best Grand Theft Auto 5 settings you can tweak.

Here are the Best Graphics Settings for GTA 5 PC

1. Use MSAA instead of FXAA

Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) looks slightly better than Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA). Turn off FXAA and turn on MSAA at 2x or 4x to improve low FPS.

2. Try VSync

Turning off the VSynch feature will disable frame rate limiting and may improve FPS. However, you can see some screen tearing that occurs when the game displays multiple frames of images simultaneously. If you see this message, turn VSync back on.

3. Reduce texture and grass quality

Lowering the texture quality will increase the FPS but reduce the graphics’ detail. You can also find individual GTA V graphics settings for grass and water, but lowering the grass quality will significantly improve your FPS. Lowering the water quality did not significantly improve the FPS in our tests, so you can leave it on high and enjoy the sparkling waves and ripples.

4. Lower the shader quality

While adjusting the individual Grand Theft Auto 5 graphics settings, also lower the shader quality. In addition to the lighting that the shader typically controls, the shader quality setting determines how much detail is preserved in distant parts of the object. Lowering the shader quality loses detail, but it’s less noticeable at first glance, and the FPS is greatly improved.

5. Disable Reflection MSAA and Reduce Reflection Quality

Reflective MSAA controls the smoothness of reflective surfaces, such as shiny cars or rain puddles. In our tests, disabling reflective MSAA resulted in a 5 FPS improvement without a significant drop in graphics quality. So you can safely turn off specular MSAA to get a little FPS boost without sacrificing visuals.

Reflection quality determines the sharpness and detail of the reflections you see around Los Santos. If you lower the reflection quality to Medium, you will lose all reflections from vehicles and rain-wet roads. Set the reflection quality high to get a decent FPS gain without sacrificing graphic effects.

6. Lower the resolution from 4K to Full HD or 720p.

If you’re playing on a large Full HD or 4K screen, you’ll want to run GTA 5 at its native resolution (1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160). But 4K means you need a high-end graphics card (or two) to run smoothly.

GTA 5’s frame scaling system allows you to adjust the game’s resolution without changing the actual resolution settings. Those with wall projectors or large TVs can use frame resizing to scale the game, so it still looks great on large displays.

However, without a powerful computer, frame resizing will severely degrade performance. Try dropping the frame scaling below 1x to see if the FPS increases.

7. Reduce Distance Scaling

In GTA V’s graphics settings, distance scaling determines the level of detail you can see on objects far from your character. Far scaling fills the screen with buildings, terrain objects, cars, and pedestrians¬†and costumes them with full textures even at long distances, but doing so requires a lot of resources on the GPU.

The Extended Distance Scaling setup is the most demanding yet visually rewarding version of this GTA 5 graphics setup. Turn off extended distance scaling to increase the popup (when it pops up when you get close to buildings and other objects). But it also increases FPS. You can adjust while playing depending on where you are in the game world.

Some environments are busier than others and require rendering more objects at once, and lowering the distance multiplier in those areas can quickly increase GTA V FPS.

8. Turn off advanced shadow settings

Go to the Advanced Graphics section and find Advanced Shadow Settings. In our tests, increasing the high-resolution shadows and extended shadow distances increased video memory usage by up to 800MB while incurring high FPS costs. For best performance, keep these settings to a minimum.

Turning off High-Resolution Shadows makes the object’s shadows appear less defined, making them look softer. Disabling extended shadow distance can reduce the problem of the computer rendering shadows for objects further away from the character. However, you will be replacing this fidelity with a much higher FPS.

Choose sharp shadows over soft shadows to further improve your FPS. Although the shadows don’t look realistic, they can improve game performance. Long shadows (which increase as the sun approaches the horizon) can also be removed for additional FPS gain.

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Conclusion-GTA 5 Best Graphics Settings for PC

The settings mentioned in this guide are probably the best settings you will find in 2022. These settings are updated with every flashy update and ensure high FPS. Also, mentioned method freezes Windows 10 and increases FPS in all games.

Ensure you follow strictly, and don’t forget to benchmark your FPS again! You can ask in the comment section if you have questions about the Grand Theft Auto 5 graphics setting.

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