10 Best Virtual Assistant Apps for Android

Virtual assistant apps are basically designed for the welfare of human beings. It works like your personal assistant and respond to your voice. Most probably, it performs all the relevant tasks in your device that are in its access.

You can operate your device without any physical stimulus by just using your voice or by adding up reminders. There are many other features which make these apps more interesting.

Here are the best virtual assistant apps discussed in more detail.


The application is very amazingly designed with having both input systems of voice and typing. Add up your important tasks in it like messaging, mailing and whatever you want to perform on respective time, the application would work efficiently on your given commands.

You can make your life more organized and TickTick will take some of your responsibilities with its awesome working system. Because of this application, you don’t need to memorize everything. Just add up your tasks within the app and it will automatically work on it.

You can make multiple lists, folders and add tags using TickTick.  You can easily find your tasks as it offers multiple sorting options including date, time and title.

You can add alarms with your tasks, attach your documents, images and other files and save time. The application is available on Google Play store and it has thousands of downloads due to its efficient performance.


This is another reminder app with beautiful interface. The application is designed keeping user friendliness in mind. You can add up multiple reminders and tasks in it.

If you are busy on the time when you need to perform that task, you can snooze the reminder and the app will reminder your task later. It works quite similar to personal assistant who efficiently works on your orders.

There are no specific terms and conditions but this app requires proper instructions for its best performance. You can customize this application as per desire. For example, you can give different colors to the tasks; you can change and add multiple reminders for a single task, add some specific gestures for particular tasks like swiping to delete, drag down to re organize any task etc.

Microsoft To-Do

Manage your important tasks using Microsoft To-Do app. The personal assistant app runs smoothly in all android and latest handsets. The working is very easy and simple.

You need to make lists of those tasks that you want to perform either by the app or just want to memorize by means of reminders. Make sure you have added all the required details within your task like alarm, reminder, attachment of files etc.

Now allow the app to work as per according to the given instructions. It works faster than other similar apps and you can quickly add or delete and make desired changes in the task list.


As the name indicates, Memorigi is a beautiful application with lots of options. You can simply download the app from the Google play store and launch the app where you will an option named as ‘tap+’ .

Clicking over the option, you can perform desired tasks like add reminders, customize tasks by giving input via typing and many similar options are available for the user.

This is the digital application which responds to your work in a better way if you have added tasks in list in digits or alphabets.

Jarvis artificial intelligent

The application is built with best performing abilities in your device. You can add digital commands in the app and it will work according to the given instructions.

You can perform multiple tasks that often your time. For example, play music, send mails and messages, set reminders, and make important calls during driving or doing something important by Jarvis Artificial intelligent app.

The application has English language so that everyone can understand its options. You can download it from the Google play store and it supports all latest phones.

Robin – AI Voice Assistant

The application basically requires vocal input for its operation. You have to install the app and add those tasks which you want to perform by means of Robin.

Guide the app via voice to make calls, send messages, and send mails and to perform many other tasks. You can ask for locations and directions using Robin.

The application will immediately respond to your instructions and help you in all possible ways to save time. Download the app from the Google play store and make your life simpler.

Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence

This is the best virtual assistant for android and need input digitally. The application has very interesting interface and make more features as compared to many similar apps.

It can perform many tasks like sending text messages, making calls, sending important calls, searching from web save notes, create documents etc. You can customize this amazing application according to your choice.

The application has multiple languages support like English, Spanish, French German and Italian.

Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

The assistant has input system of voice by which you can operate this device. Extreme voice assistant works very smoothly in all latest handsets. You can customize the app as according to your choice.

You can mail, text, calls, search, play music, launch apps and set reminders using this application. You need to once set all the tasks that you want to perform by ‘Extreme’ app, it will do all these tasks on the exact time with great efficiency.

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant

It is the free personal assistant application which works in all latest android devices. You can operate your phone by simply adding instructions in this application. 

Send messages, make important calls and do whatever you like by Microsoft Cortana app. It will keep your tasks in its duties and automatically work upon them. You can save time and use this app for free.

Lyra Virtual Assistant

The application requires voice input and works accordingly. You can search anything from or from any other application; you can send messages, make calls, send mails and perform all those tasks.

Lyra talks to you and understand your instructions. It will respond and do its tasks as given by the instructions.

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