Calculator Vault Mod APK Download For Android : Unlock the premium features

The major issue which is commonly faced by the people is about their privacy. There are many things present in your phone which you really don’t want to show anyone but want to keep it in your phone. Keeping somewhere else need some media transfer that is often find difficult and time taking.

Calculator Vault Mod APK is an application through which you can hide pictures, videos, documents and much more. It also keeps your hidden files and document private. The application is quite unique and amazing in use. The features are specially designed to meet the privacy requirements of the user.

Calculator Vault Mod APK

Calculator Vault is beautifully designed to keep your data private and secure. The application in phone is found with the Calculator vault instead of app/ data hider so that no one even guesses about it. The notifications related to this application are only giving you tips which are good to keep everything in secret.

After installing the app, you need to set password on it. To hide your pictures from the gallery, tap on the app and select the gallery module. Now make a folder and give it desired name, select the pictures from the gallery and import them to the private folder by pressing save button.

It mod version give access to all the premium features and you do not have to pay for them. Every this will be free in calculator vault mod apk.

You can also hide videos, GIF’s, boomerangs using the same method. Hide apps of your phone by pressing the ‘app hide’ button available there; you will find all of your phone’s application over here. Now select the app to which you want to hide and import it to the folder.

Calculator Vault Mod APK Screenshot

The photo vault app will not copy the original data in it as it is already present in your phone. You can also delete the data from the hidden folders. For this, simply tap on the app and long press on the file to which you want to delete. Drag that file towards the delete icon and it will be removed from the hidden folder.

The notification of Calculator vault has three different modules. It can be appeared as

  • All
  • In Number
  • and as None

There is an in built hidden camera specifically designed to take private photos present within the app. Add ‘equal’ button available in calculator after which you can add password.

It has face recognition feature. You can also customize your facial gestures with multiple functions. For Example, if you want to open another tab, website or application quickly. Keep your face down and customize it in app. It will close the calculator vault and open what you have set.

Calculator Vault Mod APK Features

  • Amazing hiding application with multiple smart features
  • Set password, PIN, finger print, facial recognition as security
  • Hide images, videos, apps, documents and whatever you needed
  • Night mode to view your gallery in dim light
  • Add switch lock to keep secure other functions of your phone
  • Adding wrong pin or password would take selfie automatically
  • Hidden images and videos can again be seen in gallery
  • Grid and list view to see hidden files as per desired

How to Download & Install Calculator Vault Mod APK

Now, hide you personal data from data sniffers and lock you phone data with password. If they access the hidden folder they have to know the password to open it. So, its safe and secure vault app that protect your personal data such as photos, videos, and important files from others.

Just download its calculator vault mod apk file in your phone and install it. Place your important data in safe vault, no one can have access to the data except your.


Calculator Vault- Gallery Lock – Apps on Google Play


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