Fluid Navigation Gestures Apk Download For Android 2019

Life is really hard and tedious in all aspects in Fluid Navigation Gestures. Difficulties arrived everywhere but you have to make easy ways by your own. Shortcuts appear attractive usually in every case. Electronic devices, especially phones have multiple functions which often appear difficult for those who are not familiar with functioning of electronics.

Fluid Navigation Gestures is basically a quick shortcuts app, it create gestures and shortcuts for you and allow to them in a really interesting and fascinating way. You can easily access your favorite apps and menu from your home screen by just swiping your finger on phone screen. It is one of the best known applications for making shortcuts on home screen of smart phones and uses them easily.

Fluid Navigation Gestures APK

Fluid navigation gesture is the latest application in the market allow you to create gestures to quickly access the stuff in your smartphone.  You just have to swipe your home screen to quickly access the specific thing for which you set the gesture. But we like its fluid navigation system its really super amazing. It’s a simple easy and fast working app as compared to Navigation Gesture App.

you can make fast access to the features of your phone. The main function of this app is to make certain shortcuts and open them by just swiping on the bottom or side edges of the screen. There are two main gestures in the app:

  1. Quick Swipe
  2. Swipe & Hold

You can customize functions according to your choice you can set bottom-up gesture to access Google Chrome and side edge swap to open the notification bar. You can set two shortcuts on a single swap, one for ‘quick swap’ and other ‘swap and hold’.

Set your features where to want and quickly open them over any swap using the app. You can open other apps on the screen without opening the home screen and app drawer. Also customize notification bars on any edge of the display. You can also open the recently opened tabs.

Mostly people customize long tap on fluid navigation with recent tabs but you can set whatever you want to launch on either long or short tap. You can set Google voice detection, keyboard, Power on/off button, open quick settings, and much more.

Unfortunately the app require you device to be rooted to work properly.

The app requires rooted device to work best with it or grant it permissions through Abd. Fluid navigation gestures can only be applied on half of the screen so you can also have half remaining screen to launch other applications and functions of the phone.

So it’s a useful application which can make shortcuts on display and customize them accordingly.

Fluid Navigation Gestures Features

  • Quick swipe to launch apps and notifications
  • Swipe and tap to open recent tabs
  • Make quick access to Google voice search, keyboards
  • Home, back, main screen, toggle split screen
  • Launch apps, shortcuts, assistant at where you want

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