GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v7.35 2019 For Android, iOS and PC

GBWhatsApp APK make it possible for you to connect to the world, you can talk to anyone from anywhere only need to Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Update Version 2019. But this expands your social circle and can effect your personal/family circle. You want to keep your personal contacts apart from your social in the GBWhats App. You can’t do this on WhatsApp official app, because you can only install it once in your device. But here we got a solution for you in the form of GBWhatsApp v7.35 APK.

GBWhatsApp – same or ditto copy of Whatsapp but with some extra functionalities and features, install in you smartphone while you already have official Whatsapp in your smartphone. After installing it in your phone you will be able to use two WhatsApps in your phone at the same time. Isn’t this cool …?

Now, you can manage your personal contacts in official WhatsApp and your other contacts in whatsApps mod apk.

GBWhatsApp APK: Download APK, iPA & Windows

GBWhatsApp APK
GBWhatsApp APK

Before you starts using it with blind eyes, you must know about GBWhatsApp, how it works and how it solves your problem…? If you do not interested then skit the whole article and reach over the download button and descargar GBWhatsapp in your phone.

GBWhatsApp APK is the modified version of the original WhatsApp, offers you the same functionalities and features.

Modified Version … the word confuses You…? A modified version of an app is a custom or own developed version of the app, does not have link to the official app. It is the copied version, third party developer developed it, they make some changes to the official version according to their needs. It looks like the official version of the app but it not the original one.

You can see in the above screen shot you can find there plenty of settings option as compared to your official WhatsApp. But overall its your WhatsApp app, basic functionality will be same but some unique feature will be amazed you.

Downloading WhatsApp status is one the best feature of GBWhatsApp that We like in this mod version.

There are plenty of WhatsApp mod apk out there in the market, but we find GBWthatsApp one of the best mod APK of the official app. This allow you to manage two WhatsApp at the same time in your only smartphone without any problem.

If you look into its privacy menu you will find some interesting mod features such as Hide online Status, Blue Ticks, second tick and you can even hide the writing status. Second screenshot will make you wonder, and you will say wow, yeah you can set auto reply and change the them of your GBWhatsApp.

The GBWhatsApp is the alternate version of the original WhatsApp.

Here are the APK details of the GBWhatsApp:

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Latest Version 7.35
Stable Version 6.85
App Size 35 MB
Compatibility Android 4.0+
Root Requirement No

GBWhatsApp APK Features:

As we mentioned it same like the original App, but GBWhatsApp version also has some extra really cool and awesome features. The WhatsApp mod apk version provides you endless number of features that you can not find in the original one. Here follow is the list of feature you are going to have after installing it in your device:

  1. The GBWhatsApp version allows you to use multiple WhatsApp accounts.
  2. You can use the video calling on version without any problem.
  3. Any video up to the size 50 MB is shareable.
  4. Delete or edit the sent message on.
  5.  Ensure the privacy of your status .
  6.  Hide your chat, interesting na ….?
  7. Unlike the original WhatsApp version, where the length of the characters of the group names are limited, the version allows you to set the group characters’ length up to 35.
  8. Hide your last seen
  9. You can even hide the blue ticks, second tick, typing message and even much more through the GB WhatsApp APK.
  10. Copy other’s status
  11. Broadcast a message up to 600 people at the same time, which is one of the best GBWhatsApp feature.
  12. Auto reply to message

Comparison with Original

GBWhatsApp Comparison
Here are we compare some of GBWhatsApp feature with the original one, take a look at:

  GBWhatsApp Apk Original WhatsApp
Multiple Account Yes No
Group Characters’ length 32 Characters 25 Characters
Copy other’s status Yes No
Send Images 90 Image at the same time 10 images
Broadcast message 600 members 256 members
Max video Size 50 MB 16 MB
Edit, Delete sent message Yes No

Other Functionalities GBWhatsApp APP

The GBWhatsApp version supports more than 100 languages. You can customize the themes.

Unlike the previous WhatsApp version, where you can send only 10 images. Now you can select 90 images to be send at the same time. Even lock your account without the aid of any third party application like Apps Vault or others. It provides the best experience to its users, we find this more interesting than official.

You can record audio clips, even without pressing the recording option. The video icon is made available for you in this version. The broadcast page has been given a new look. The message scheduler option allows you to schedule your messages.

How to Download & Install GBWhatsApp APK

In order to download and install the GBwhatsApp APK in your device, first you need to check out your device is eligible or not to have this app on your machine.

GBWhatsApp Device Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements to install GBWhatsApp

  • Android Version 4.0+
  • All permissions of installation
  • Local permissions
  • 1 GB RAM
  • WiFi or Mobile Data connection

Now it your device fulfills these requirements then you can proceed to download GBWhatsApp APK. We’ll teach you how to download and install it on the concerned device in step by step procedure.

Download and Install GBWhatsApp APK on Android

The process of downloading and installing the GBWhatsApp is pretty much same as the other APK files install. But we will elaborate all the steps here for you, first you just have to download latest version of GBWhatsApp APK from the link given below.

It is an opensource app and available for free to its user.  Up till now there are more than 5 million downloads of this Whatsapp moded apk. You can install it on your android devices without any rooting. However, the rooting will unlock the additional features of the WhatsApp, but it can be risky.

It is safe to download the GBWhatsApp APK version on your android devices. It will reveal some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp on you.

Now follow these steps to install it on your device:

  • Launch the downloaded GBWhatsApp APK file
  • But Android will not allow you install the app other than Play Store, but don’t worry, just enable the “Unknown Source” from Security.
  • Now again launch it and it will start installation process, it will take some time to install
  • Once the installation process completed, now its ready to for to use
  • All the other process of creating account is same as in original one

Download and Install GBWhatsApp APK on PC & iOS

The PC uses can also download and install the GBWhatsApp on your PC & iOS, for this first you have to download the android emulator software in your PC to run apk files. There are plenty of android emulators that you can download here we suggest some of them Blue stacks and Andy.

Install one of them on your pc, after installing it download the GBWhatsApp APK file from the given link and open it in your PC or iOS.

Download GBWhatsApp v6.85, v7.00, v7.20, v7.35, v6.89, v6.81, v6.87, v6.88, 7.99, v7.90, v6.60, v6.0 2.18.327 for Android, iOS & PC

GBWhatsApp APK Updates Download

GB developers updating their regularly that their user enjoy the apps and do not face any trouble while using it.

Major improvements and bug related issues are fixed on the newer version, like the problem of sending videos. Some bugs and crash related issues are also fixed on the GBWhatsApp latest version 6.55.

What GBWhatsApp APK v7.20 Updated Version have?

Here is the list of new features and bug fixed in the newer version of the GBwhatsApp

  • New Base updated to v7.35
  • Enable Media visibility
  • Admin can prevent member to send message in groups
  • Video Icon
  • 4 type of ticks
  • Stuck and crash issue fixed
  • Fixed Backup and Restore
  • Mark/select all the chat on the main screen


GBWhatsApp APK is developed by a third-party and does not have link to the official WhatsApp and MODAPK.PRO. We and official WhatsApp are not responsible of any of your data breach. So be careful before installing the app on your device.

This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Original WhatsApps. So, in any trouble while using moded version MODAPK.PRO and official Whatsapp will not be responsible for it. 


GBWhatsApp APK solves your problem of multiple WhatsApps account at the same time in the same device. You can use you more than one WhatsApp account on the same device without any trouble.

This is a modified version of the WhatsApp also called whatsApp mod apk and developed by a third-party developer. This version come up with some modifications and extra feature as compared to the original WhatsApp. So, download and install it on your device to have fun.

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