Granny Horror: Best Free Horror Game Apk Download Android 2019

There are many  Granny Horror games available on internet but their selection depends on your interest. Horror movies are always seems interesting to many of us and they often spend money to collect and watch.

Granny is a horror game based on horror movies story. The game increase courage among the people and take out from fear of horror things. Moreover, it will also teach you how to protect yourself in scary conditions. In short, the game is thrilling and interesting to play as you have to hide yourself from the danger.

Granny Horror Apps

Granny Horror game is based on a story in which there is a vacant home and you are the character who is living in it. Your opponent is a ‘Granny’ who is an evil spirit. She will try her best to catch you and beat you unconsciously.

All you need to do is to keep yourself safe and secure. For this, you can hide yourself in cupboards, drawers, under the bed and wherever you can. If you even make a sound like pin drop, granny will come to catch you.

You can play the game and can move your character as the directions are available to move it on the left side of the screen. You have to spend five days in the house. Once you will catch by the Granny, the game will start again from the initial day.

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Besides this, you can easily interact with anything present in the house. For example, searching a place to hide yourself might touch you with any object which produces sound. Any type of minor sound signals the Granny to come and catch you.

She might beat you till death so be careful while moving in the home. The game is quite simple and interesting to play. You need a strategy to win the game. it is available on Google play store and apple store from where you can easily download it.

Granny Horror Game Features:

  • Simple to play
  • Five day survival in a home
  • Horror Graphics
  • Horror game
  • Interesting to plan
  • Support android, window and iOS devices

You can get this game from Google Play Store and App Store in your devices. It available for free.


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