GTA 5 Cheats PC: Get unlimited Cheats Codes for PC

GTA 5 is one of the few games where cheat code still exists. The GTA 5 cheats code works in single player mode, but using this code can cause the game to crash somewhat. You can use cheat codes if you want to make your story go much faster However, you can use cheats to have fun in many GTA 5 best missions in your PC version.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats, also disable achievements in the game and cheats will not work in GTA Online. We found the most useful GTA 5 PC cheat and compiled below.

How to enter cheats on GTA 5 PC

If you’re playing GTA 5 on your PC, you can press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to open the console and type your cheats.

How to earn unlimited revenue

In GTA 5, there is no way to make unlimited money through cheats. You should use legitimate ways to make money, like investing in the Stock Market in GTA 5, game.

How to Get Unlimited Ammo

In this game, there is no way to get unlimited ammo through cheats. You can easily get all the weapons in the game, but you can’t use unlimited ammo.

Here are some useful GTA 5 PC cheats:

  1. GTA 5 helicopter cheats for PC: BUZZOFF
  2. COMET: Create a sports car
  3. RAPIDGT: create another sports car
  4. CATCHME: run faster
  5. HIGHEX: Bullet Explosion
  6. Tool: Get All Weapons
  7. TURTLE: Complete Health and Armor
  8. Power Ups: Recharge Special Abilities
  9. GOTGILLS: swim faster
  10. HOPTOIT: Run Higher
  11. PAINKILLER: Invincible for 5 minutes
  12. FUGITIVE: Raise the desired level
  13. LAWYERUP: decrease the desired level
  14. DEADEYE: Better aiming (enter up to 4 times to improve aiming accuracy, but entering 5 cheats will disable the cheat)
    HOTHANDS: Blast Punch
  15. White Paper: Burning Bullet
  16. LIQUOR: Makes the character unacceptable (aka switch to mode taken)
  17. Skydiving: Save the Parachute
  18. Skyfall: falling from the sky without using a parachute (survive by pressing the button forward and hitting the ground first)
  19. MAKEITRAIN: The weather changes (enter various weather options repeatedly).
  20. SNOWDAY: Ensure traffic chaos due to slippery vehicles
  21. Floor: Enter this cheat and go inside the vehicle to activate low gravity
  22. SLOW MOTION: Play the game in slow motion (keying up to 3 times to slow down the gameplay speed and fourth time disables cheats)
  23. JRTALENT: Play as NPC in GTA 5
  24. Off-Road: Dirt Bike Generation
  25. Trash: Generate Garbage Truck
  26. Van Storm: Stunt Plane Creation
  27. BANDIT: Create BMX Bike
  28. VINEWOOD: Limousine Creation
  29. Rocket: Spawn Motorcycle
  30. HOLEIN1: Golf Cart Creation
  31. FLYSPRAY: Create crop spreader plane.

So these are some useful GTA 5 cheats codes for your PC, hopefully these will help you to be the pro in GTA game.

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