GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

You’ve probably played thousands of times according to the rules of GTA: San Andreas, so let’s mix it with the cheats chords into your PC.

This code can make any weapon you want, any vehicle that needs your fancy, and everything that San Andreas throws at you.

GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

With cheats, a little warning corrupts your save files and makes you unable to perform some missions, so you have to do everything you want or need first. Unlike entering cheats for GTA 5, or GTA Online, you don’t need to bring up menus or anything else to activate these cheats.

GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

Enter the code or press the appropriate button and confirm the prompt on the screen to make sure the cheat is activated.

To use cheats on mobile devices, you need to download and use a third-party keyboard app. Some cheats for PC and Xbox are missing, but if found, this page will be updated.

All GTA 5 player and vehicle cheats and GTA online cheat pages can be found here.

$ 250,000, complete health and armor: HESOYAM

Slow gameplay: library / Slow

Adrenaline: munasef / anoseonglass

$ 250,000, complete health and armor: He Soyam

High jump: lfgmhal / kangaroo

Super punch: maven / sting like bee

Suicide: szcmawo / goodbye cruel world

Assassin: ncsgdag / professional killer

Lock your level: aezakmi / first oz / tested

Low level: turn-down column / asleep

Raise the desired level: turnuptheheat / osrblhh

Six Star Wanted Level: ljspqk / import

Fat: btcdbcb

Max muscle: jysdsod / buff up

Minimum fat and muscle: kvgyzqk

Maximum respect: ogxsdag / worship

Maximum health: ogxsdag / worship

Infinite lung capacity: ogxsdag / worship

CJ is not hungry: ogxsdag / worship

Infinite ammunition: ogxsdag / worship

Infinite health: baguvix / Kane

Weapon Type 1 Grant: logical

Weapon Type 2: kjkszpj / professional kit

Weapon Type 3 Grant: woods

Pimp mode cheat codes:

GTA San Andreas Cheats PC

Maximum Vehicle Skill Statistics: gifted talent

Spawn pack: yecgaa / Rocket Man

Spawning parachute: IP

All cars have a nitrous oxide system: coxefgu / speedfreak

Taxi mission completed: vkypqcf

Destroy all cars: cpktnwt / allcarsgoboom

Flying boat: afsnmsmw / Flying Fish

Flying cars: Lipa Party / chittychittybangbang

Car can drive on water: gkpnmq

Car crashes: bsxsggc / bubble car

Invisible car: xicwmd / wheel only

Car speed up: lpnqmas

Manual weapon control of the car: ouiqdmw

Perfect processing: pggomoy / sticklikeglue

Your car is invincible: jcnruad

Bike super jump: jhjoecw / cjphonehome

Blood Ring: cqzijmb / Old Speed ​​Daemon

Spawn caddy: Wu

Spawning dozer: eegcyxt / itsallbull

Spawn hunter: Oh friend

Spawning hydra: jump

Spawn monster: agbdlcid / monster mash

Spawn bike: akjjyglc / fourwheelfun

Spawn Hot Ring Racer Type 1: pdnejoh / vrockpokey

Spawn Hot Ring Racer Type 2: vpjtqwv

Spawn rancher: jqntdmh

Spawning rhino: IFton

Spawning romero: aqtbcodx / where the funeral

Spawn stretch: Krievre / Celebrities

Stunt plane creation: urkqsrk / FlyingTostunt

Spawn tanker: Oh my

Spawn master: ubhyzhq / true

Hovercraft: kgggdkp

GTA San Andreas: Pedestrian cheat:

GTA San Andreas Cheats in PC

A wild driver: Sun Tate

Traffic lights stay green: zeiivg

All transportation is junk: bgkgtjh

All transportation is black: Iodine rock

All transportation is pink: llqpfbn

All transportation is rural: fvtmnbz

All means of transportation are sports cars: Old Playa / everyoneisrich

Beach party theme: cikgcgx

Carnival theme: priebj from Crazy Town

Elvis theme: asbhgrb / bluesuedeshoes

Pervert theme: Beck

Rural theme: bmtpwhr

Yakuza theme: afphultl from ninja town

Pedestrians have weapons: foooxft

Pedestrian riot: iojufzn / emergency

Pedestrian riot type 2: Azolo Loki

Pedestrian attack type 1: Bar Goff

Pedestrian attack type 2: bgluawml

No pedestrians and low traffic: thgloj / ghost town

Gang cheats:

GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

Spawn the first gang member: Rom mtz

Gang on the street: Allowed

Recruit people 1: sjmahpe

Recruit someone 2: ssoxfsq / rocket

GTA San Andreas: World Effect Cheats:

GTA San Andreas: World Effect Cheats:

Fast gameplay: ppgwjht / speeditup

Slow gameplay: Slowing

Always midnight: xjvsnaj / night roller

The orange sky is always 21:00: ofviac

Night time: XJVSNAJ

Blur: alnsfmzo

Cloudy: cfvfgmj/alnsfmzo

Sandstorm: cwjxuoc

Rainy weather: auifrvqs

Storm: mghxyr from Scotland Summer

Sunny weather: afzllqll / pleasantly warm

Very clear: icikpyh / Two Dumb

Time passes faster: Dew

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