How to Fix Loose Charging Port on a Laptop in 2022?

The charging port may become loose if the laptop is stored for an extended period or unused for a long time. This also happens when the charger is stored for a long time. This guide would help you fix a loose charging port.

How to Fix Loose Charging Port on a Laptop?

If your laptop’s charging port/AC power jack is loose, you must ensure the plug is properly connected. Once the pins are connected, you can follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure the battery is charged. If set, disconnect the power supply.
  • Turn off the power button.
  • Remove the back cover of the laptop.
  • Raise the bottom of the notebook and carefully lift the AC power jack.
  • Now you can see the power jack is loose.
  • Secure it using a screwdriver and tighten the screw on the power jack.
  • Assuming the charging port is loose and soldered to the motherboard. If the port is dry soldered or disconnected, use a soldering iron to re-solder the pins.
  • Then it would help if you turned on the power button. That’s it.

If the above method doesn’t work, you must replace the laptop’s AC power input jack. Before taking action, check whether the charging port is faulty.

If you frequently force the charger into the port, the port is faulty. And if you are sure the charging port is faulty, follow the steps below and see if that helps.

Replace the laptop’s AC power input jack:

  • First, you need to find out the SKU number of your laptop so that you can easily find the service manual for your laptop.
  • Now unscrew all screws and remove the cover.
  • Then disconnect the keyboard from the laptop and unlock all wires and cables from the side of the laptop motherboard. Also, slide the optical drive out.
  • After pushing out the optical drive, turn the laptop over, check for any remaining screws that secure the shell, and remove the screws.
  • Now take a thin but sturdy object like a credit card and open the top and bottom of the laptop.
  • Now remove the bottom shell very gently.
  • Now open the laptop lid away from the motherboard, focusing on the left hinge.
  • Disconnect the AC power input jack from the motherboard. Inspect very thoroughly and find the part number.
  • Now it will be easier to order replacement parts.
  • When the new part arrives, perform the above steps in reverse order and place the laptop together.
  • After charging the battery using the AC adapter, turn on the notebook.
  • Occasionally, long-term dust accumulation in the charging port can cause this problem. Clean it yourself or take it to a service center.

Why is the charging port loose?

Loose charging ports are the most common problem people face while charging their laptops. Some issues such as damaged charging port, charging cable not detected, and other issues are common and can be easily resolved with the help of a charging port repair tool.

Also, keeping the charger plugged into the port will fail. Even if the failure eventually breaks the charging port. If the charger is loose, the laptop cannot be charged; hereĀ are some problems you may face if the charging port is loose.

1. Due to heat and high temperature

The charging port on your laptop can also become loose from heat. The laptop’s temperature rises when someone puts the laptop in the sun or a hot place. As a result, the charging port becomes loose.

2. Water damage

Water seeps into the laptop through the charging port. To solve this problem, wipe the laptop with a dry cloth and then charge it.

3. Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt are the main causes of loose charging ports. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your laptop, but if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush or other cleaning tool.

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4. Due to vibration

The charging port on your laptop can also be loose due to excessive vibration. When a person uses the laptop for a long time, the laptop vibrates. As a result, the charging port of the laptop is also loose.

How to know if the charging port is damaged laptop?

Check if there is anything wrong with the charging port. If there is any defect, please get in touch with the official after-sales service. The looseness of the charging plug is usually within a certain range, and it’s common.

When charging a laptop, the charging port often comes loose, causing the charging port to fail to set up or have poor charging contacts or the charging plug to wobble.

If your laptop’s charging interface fails, you fall into this scenario. It is caused by dust and lint that has accumulated in the pockets.

With the computer off, gently use a sharp tool such as tweezers to scrape off any compacted dirt. Finally, once the charging interface is cleaned, you can change your laptop regularly.


How to fix a loose charging port on a laptop
Identifying the key issues is the first step in resolving these situations. The device’s charging port may be damaged.

If your laptop charger stops working, it must be replaced or repaired to continue using it.

Check if the jack or adapter plug on the laptop is loose. If the adapter interface shows obvious damage, it should be replaced and tested.

DC board for notebook connector:
The laptop charging port must be repaired if the laptop power outlet is loose. There may be a problem with the laptop’s power supply. Inspect the metal tentacles for signs of deformation or breakage. If the charging port on the motherboard is open, it can be used normally after disassembly and welding.

Laptops’ external power plugs often come loose, and laptops’ power sockets are designed to be modular. These components are easily replaceable. To replace broken parts on your laptop, you only need to purchase accessories for the same laptop model. First, remove the hard disk, then remove the keyboard bezel, keyboard, screen, back cover, shield, and finally the motherboard from the laptop.

HP notebook charging port is loose.

Here is a step-by-step method to replace a loose charger port on an HP laptop.

The battery must be removed.
Remove all covers from the back of the HP notebook, starting with the battery cover and ending with the HDD cover.
Remove all screws.
Remove all wires and cords.
Remove the screws holding the antenna in place.
Turn the laptop upside down and open it, then gently lift the plastic bar above the keyboard.
Carefully remove the ribbon cable and other components along with the keyboard.
Disconnect all Wi-Fi devices, then disconnect the connector from the Fort next to the metal tab.
There are black screws in the top right and left corners. Remove them. You can now detach the screen from your laptop’s keyboard.
You need to remove the motherboard, optical drive, and express card.
Find the charging port and remove it to get rid of it.
Reverse the instructions above after connecting the new charging port.

damaged motherboard
How to fix a loose charging port on a laptop
The motherboard may be damaged if you cannot charge your laptop or power it with AC power after repairing or replacing the power jack. We recommend taking your motherboard to a competent motherboard inspection and repair facility.

Symptoms include being unable to charge the laptop after connecting the charger.

How much does a broken laptop charging port repair cost?
The cost of replacing a charging port on a laptop depends entirely on the make and model of the computer.

Some parts can be replaced in an hour or two for $8, while others attach directly to the motherboard. As a result, damage to these components may require replacing the entire motherboard.

Similarly, some charging connectors are inside the laptop, so you must disassemble the entire laptop to replace or repair those ports.

As a result, labor costs are only greater than replacement costs.

Replacing a jack or port usually costs about $100, but in some circumstances, it can cost up to $350.

Even the charging port of some versions is constantly broken. Ports or jacks are associated with numerous issues with price tags up to $65.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is it possible to repair a defective laptop charging port?
If you have the skills you need, you can do it. And, if not, you should visit the service center as soon as possible.

It can be replaced if the plug or cord carries the power supply. This is because repairing the power adapter will not last long.
The power adapter may be the problem if the laptop’s internal jack is not the problem. This also needs to be replaced.
If the power connection is loose, you will need a soldering iron to reconnect it to the motherboard. However, not only are the power jacks flexible, they are best replaced if broken.
Different solutions depend on the root cause of the problem, so you should first determine the cause and whether the problem is with the charging port or something else.

Is the Lenovo laptop charger port loose?
Loosen the charging port is a common problem as sports are the most popular. You can change the charging port and find a manual that guides you through the procedure. However, there may be alternatives to this.

If you look carefully, you may find plastic or rubber material around the space inside the port. Replacing it will likely solve the problem.
Tighten the jack using a narrow strip of scotch tape. It works if you only use one side.
A laptop’s charging port is a space. So dust can easily build up even if you use your laptop daily. Dost can be found in empty but empty areas around charging outlets. Use a painting brush to remove grime.
Replacing the charging connector on a Lenovo laptop is not expensive. So, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, go to the nearest Lenovo repair center and get the job done immediately.

Acer Aspire Laptop Charger Port Not Working?
This problem can happen internally. This indicates that you are away from that location with one or two cables. In this case, open the laptop and prepare for repair.
Another possibility is that the external electrode is weakened. Repairs can be more difficult than changing or repairing internal cables.
Use a multimeter to verify that the AC adapter sends the correct voltage. Changing the AC adapter may help with charging issues.
Make sure the battery is working properly. Update the battery driver to see if the issue is resolved.
Is your hardware getting hot? Replace the thermal compound and check that the heatsink is working properly. It can solve charging problems.
If your Acer Aspire laptop still has charging issues after replacing the laptop charger, you may need to replace the charging port. Find your laptop’s SKU number, then look specifically for the documentation on changing the laptop’s charging port.

Laptop chargers are damaged or stop working due to physical problems. Laptop charging port repair costs and advice fixed periodic charging failures on laptops due to loose adapters. I want to be helpful to you, and if it helped you, please share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair a laptop charging port that is loose?
If you have the skills you can, if you don’t, you should visit the service center as soon as possible.

If what carries the power supply is a plug or cable, you can buy another. Because if you fix the power adapter somehow, it won’t last long
If it’s not your power adapter, it could be an internal jack on your laptop. Also, need to be replaced.
If the power jack comes loose, you’ll need a soldering iron to reconnect it to the motherboard. However, if the power jack becomes loose and damaged, it is recommended to replace it.
Many solutions depend on the root cause of the problem, so you should first find out if it’s the charging port or something else.

How can I further tighten the charging port of my laptop?
You need to press the charger port at a 45-degree angle for 2 minutes with a plastic card, or you can use a rubber band for the power port. The problem is that sometimes I can’t hold the plastic card and rubber band so that I can plug the USB cable into the power port.

You can use a small wooden stick or plastic screwdriver to make the laptop charging port more rigid. First, hold the wooden bar vertically. You will need to remove the rubber plug to make the port on your laptop faster. After pulling the plug, the metal end must be screwed in. Then replace the plug.

How do I fix a loose charging port on my laptop?
The best way to fix a loose charging port on a laptop is to remove the power plug. When the plug is shut down, all the laptop’s internal components should be visible and ready to be modified. If the charging port doesn’t connect properly, it could be a motherboard or CPU issue.

If the charging port on the laptop is loose, charging is difficult. Therefore, you should remove the battery and tighten the charging port before repairing the laptop. Then put the battery back in.

How do I know if my laptop’s charger port is damaged?
The charger port on the laptop is used to charge the laptop. If this port is cracked or damaged, the charger will not be able to connect, and the laptop will automatically shut down.

The laptop cannot be charged or powered if the charger port is damaged. So when I try to charge my laptop, I get a message like “No charger found.”

How do I fix a bent charging port on my laptop?
First, make sure you have a suitable charger. Then it’s best to find a way to pull the code straight. A small plastic object should be able to hold the cable in place and push it out.

The charging port should not be bent or slightly bent to avoid breaking the wires. If the charging port is bent, the entire charging port must be replaced.