How to Play GTA 5 Online on PC Without Downloading 2022

Want to know how to play GTA 5 Online on PC without downloading? Grand Theft Auto V is a 2013 action-adventure game from Rockstar Games

The GTA game can be played from a third-person or first-person perspective. However, GTA 5 has many different aspects and requires sophisticated system tools to run smoothly. Let’s find out more.

How to Play GTA 5 Online on PC Without Downloading?

The game can be played in the third person, and the world can be explored on foot or by vehicle. Players can control three main characters throughout single-player and switch between them during and off missions. The plot of GTA focuses on robbery sequences, and many assignments include shooting and driving gameplay.

Over the years, Rockstar Games has garnered a lot of favor from the video game community and high-quality titles like the GTA franchise.

Rockstar is one of the few major publishers to offer AAA titles worthy of the price tag without implementing paid microtransactions for their online components.

One of the most popular online offerings, online, has microtransactions and doesn’t seriously break the game in terms of balance. Most PvP match modes in the game are not affected by the player’s purchases.


However, all games, including GTA Online, are free to play on PC. Of course, the cost of purchasing the game is also excluded.

You can run the game if you buy GTA 5 from an online library like Steam or the Epic Games Store. When you launch the game, the main menu of GTA 5 will be loaded.

Select “Online” in this menu.

You can go to ‘Story Mode‘ or ‘Online.’ Select ‘Online,’ and you will be taken directly to GTA Online to begin your online experience.

The game requires you to create an online character first and allows you to play through a tutorial. Once this is done, you can make your own choices in GTA Online.

To play the game on PC, you only need to purchase a copy of GTA V from Steam or the Epic Games Store. All game copies are provided online and can be played without additional purchases.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Play GTA 5 Online

With that in mind, here are the best tips and tricks that will make your Grand Theft Auto online experience a little less hostile and much more fun. Damn, you might as well save up enough money to buy a lovely apartment on Vespucci beach.

  • Helicopter

If you can ride a helicopter, why travel by road? The airport is safer than a single-player game, but you can still enter it by climbing the stairs to the flight school and jumping over the walls. Also, unlike single-player, airport security is not in a hurry, and you can take the time to stroll to the helicopter landing pad before moving over the Los Santos skyline.

  • Fast Travel

Need to traverse the map in a hurry? It’s okay. Select a race on the main map near your destination. Place the cursor over the goal and select “Start Job.” Click “Play” in the first menu to go to the lobby screen and then exit. You will find yourself hovering around the world for a few seconds. Finally, you have been placed in the race area and are ready to act.

  • Passive Mode

Were you tired of shooting a gun from behind while taking a selfie? Then, you can try manual mode. It won’t shoot you while you’re walking, but you can’t shoot other players. Switching to passive mode will cost you $100 at a time, but you can save more than medical bills.

Upon entering the passive mode, the player icon on the radar will change to notify others that cannot be shot. Activate it from the interaction menu, press “Select” on PS3, and “Back” on Xbox 360.

However, passive mode is not the same as taking invincibility pills. You can still get hit, blown up, or shot while driving in a car or bike.

  • Sell your car to make quick cash.

If you need money urgently, your best bet is to go to the nearest Los Santos Customs and sell your stolen car. Grab a nice-looking vehicle and set the course to the nearest mod shop. Select the GPS option in the interactive menu. The option to sell appears when you park your car in the garage.

Only vehicles under a certain amount can be sold. For example, the Lampadati Felon and Gallivanter Baller are two higher ticket items and earn $8,000to $9,000. But if you choose something too fancy, you will be rejected. You can sell one vehicle per day in-game. In other words, it is likely to sell every 45 minutes.

  • Guarantee Your Ride

When you buy a decent car, you’ll want to insure it. Then, if it is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can immediately call your insurance company and request a replacement. Your replacement vehicle will be shipped directly to you and will continue to be covered by insurance. But, unfortunately, you have to pay a fee of 10% of the original premium.

The Vehicles traveling to LS Customs during the tutorial can be insured for free, so choose wisely. Only cars with trackers can be guaranteed. You will initially have to pay LS Customs for each tracker, but once you get the property you own, the tracker will be fitted automatically (and free of charge) to any vehicle you park there.

  • Lock your car

If you don’t want random strangers to steal your wheels, it’s best to set the options correctly. You can choose who can open the vehicle door from the interaction menu. Choosing “anyone” is not recommended, but it’s safe with friends and crew. Right?

  • Put your money in the bank.

Carrying more than $3,000 in cash around Los Santos is a problem. If you pay less and are robbed and killed, you will give up only $100. On the other hand, if you have more than $3,000 in your pocket, you will drop $100 plus excess.

Do not use an ATM to deposit cash. Instead, deposit online using the phone through the “Money and Services” internet browser tab. Be sure to stand in a quiet area while you are online.

  • Buy a garage

Once you have saved enough money, you should invest in real estate. I bought the cheapest garage I could find in an impoverished area of ​​the city, but it was worth every cent.

The first you hit your car, it will be equipped with a free tracker to make it your own. Add insurance, and it’s yours for life.

The garage also provides a safe place to escape the chaos of Los Santos, even for a few minutes. No one is allowed in unless you let it. You can hear the buzzing when people want to come in.

You can climb the real estate ladder with a little more money to play with. When you buy a new property, you can sell your old place and get your money back.

According to Rockstar Games, the free starter garage should be available to Social Club members, but it didn’t appear during testing.

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