How to use 4Liker on Android & get Unlimited Facebook and Instagram Likes

If you have a FB profile/page that needs greater attraction then 4Liker is the ideal application for Androids.

4liker is an application that enables you to get huge amounts of Facebook and Instagram likes. It actually works on the basis of like exchange system, if you like post from other people they will likes yours. 4Liker provide an auto fb liking system, you just have to provide your fb credentials to the app and in merely few minutes you’ll get huge amounts of ‘likes’ on your FB post/page.

4liker ApK implies simple working system so that you won’t have any issue in figuring out how to utilize it.

How to use 4liker

How to use 4Liker APK?

If you are using first time this app and looking for some guide then you are at right place. We will teach you a how you can get free likes on your FB and Insta account.

First of all login into your FB account through Facebook app on your Android smartphone. Then get 4liker apk file and install it into your device.

After that, open up the liker app, and generate token* by providing your FB username/password, copy the token and place it where app mentioned.

*Token: Contains your FB login information and help you to login into app and enable 4liker to retrieve your FB data within the autoliker.

Once auto liker integrates with your FB profile you will see you are logged in 4liker user dashboard. Here on dashboard you can see different options such as ‘get Likes or reactions’, get comments or ‘unfriend’.

select the post or page where you want to get like. Then pick the number of Likes you need and wait for few seconds until 4liker through likes on your fb post. After some moments you will see your fb post populated with likes and comments.

4Liker a quick and easy way to get free likes without any effort.

The auto liker also allow you to unfriends all of your Facebook friends with one click. You can also generate auto comments and follower with 4liker.

If you want Insta Likes then provide the Instagram user/pass instead FB and follow the same procedure.

Important Note: Before getting like, comments and shares on your fb post/page please make sure your profile & post are public in Facebook settings otherwise app will not work on your account.

What you must know before using 4Liker

4Liker is spamming free application and won’t distribute anything utilizing your name on your timeline, or on your friends’ timeline, or on some other page.

But remember one thing 4liker store you fb username & password and use your account to give auto likes to others. As what we said above, it a give and take system but 4liker make it automatic instead manual.

So, if you was not aware of this then consider it now and think before using auto liker.

Furthermore, if you have any inquiries, concerns or issues, you can contact them through their Support System.

With this application, you can get 50 likes on FB and 50 comments as indicated by its developers in one attempt, for both on your status and pictures. Then wait for some minutes mentioned by the app and get again auto like with another try.

If you don’t like this one and fed up using it then you can try other auto liker on android. We have a huge list to auto likers  try vivoliker and share your views about this in comments.

Functions of the App

There are many people who are using 4Liker Apk android and making their FB profile popular. Following are some of the main features of this smart application

  • Simple, safe and secure and easy to use app
  • You can get free unlimited likes, comments and shares
  • You can receive upto 50 comments & Likes on your posts in each attempt
  • Maximum 500 Likes/Reactions, and Comments
  • You will get instant likes and comments after using the app
  • Free to use and install

Online Support option is also available for user’s troubleshooting.

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