PUBG Mobile APK V0.12.0 LITE Download Update Latest Version For {Android, iOS, PC} 2019

PUBG Mobile APK Gaming is very popular among the young generation. It is a sort of entertainment as well as a good activity for leisure time. Online games increases mental ability and therefore people also show great interest in them. It is easy and preferable to play online games on smart phones now days.

PUBG is an awesome online game in which you have to fight for survival. It is very interesting game with lots of features. Royale style game with many modes providing the players a large amount of entertainment and improves social and mental skills.

PUBG Mobile APK LITE Download Update Latest Version 2019

PUBG Mobile is a widely playing game in the world now days, popular because of the story line of the game. PUBG is a vast game with interesting gameplay. People mostly play it on the desktop but PUBG mobile version also also available as you can play it on your mobile phone.


To play the game first, you need a verified account to play the game which can be Gmail or any other email account. After signing up, you have to select in what mode you are going to play the game.

  • i) You can play alone as Solo mode.
  • ii) Duo includes two partners while squad has either more than four players or upto 100 players.

PUBG Mobile APK GamePlay

In the battlefield, you have to fight with 100 players. Playground is basically an island of 8*8 km where you have to kill all of the opponents and be the last man standing. You will find different weapons, missiles and throwing ballistics to fight with enemies.

Once, you kill all the enemies you will get chicken in dinner. Some items also appear as boxes from the above in which some gifts are present for you. You have to get these bonuses to make your fight better.

It is designed in a latest and amazing fashion. PUBG is HD graphic game with thrilling sound effects and exciting world of graphics. The high quality visual display with thick sounds of actions gives realistic feel to the player.

The traveling requires vehicles during the game which are also provided like trucks, cars, bikes, boats so that you may fight and swiftly escape from the enemies.

You can also connect the game of PUBG Mobile APK which your social account so that you may find your friends with which you can team up.

PUBG Mobile Requirements To Download And install

PUBG Mobile APK require internet for proceeding. It also takes about 2 to 3 GB space in android devices.  It require android 5.1+ version to run.

Another light version is also built because the game is very trending and demanding. Shooting and moving with tankers is also very easy and interesting as the command options are present on the screen. PUBG Mobile Apk is truly something beyond than ordinary games.

With multiple stages, you will become stronger and get more score. The game story is based on the movie battle Royale.

PUBG Mobile Apk  Features

  • online trending game
  • Multiple stages and modes
  • High quality graphics
  • upto 100 players can play
  • team up mode
  • connect with social accounts
  • simple instructions available for fighting
  • Available on play store
  • Supporting android, window and iOS devices
  • Advanced vehicles
  • Realistic and multiple weapons
  • Sound effects are of high quality
  • Fun with fair gaming

How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile APK

It is a super interesting game, available both on Android and iOS. You  can download PUBG Mobile it from Play Store (Android ) and App Store (iOS). It is also available for Windows Phone, so you can get it from Windows App Store.

PUBG Mobile APK Download

PUBG Mobile APK Android



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