You can earn a lot of money per day from this app?

Hi, in this article we will show you a beautiful way to earn money from which you can earn money. This money can be sent to a mobile SIM card in Afghanistan, not only in Afghanistan but also in another country. You can also send it to your mobile phone. Work every day. InshaAllah it pays. Download this app from here and installed it on your mobile phone. Baghd has started working on it. Find a way to pay for it.

How to download Max Cash?
Just use your mobile click the download button below and complete simple application:
1. Download Max Cash App here in this site.
2. Installed the App.
3. After click on sign up.
4. Create Account on it.
4. Filling the blink. Like name,number,Email,Password, conferm password and refferal code
5. Click sign up.


After this click on again on sign in button first entet number second enter password click on sign in this is your account. We will provide next article about payment. How to send mony to mobile or paypal? In this article simple introduction about mex cash earning App for you.

Introduction of this application:
This application has the following features through which you can earn money and work in it
1. Easy spin
2. Normal spin
3. Hard spin
4. Watch earn
5. Invite earn
6. Withdraw
7. Transaction
clilck on every task, refer your friends and earn money;
1. Invite your friends using your referal code.
2. When they sign up on Maxcash You get 5 and they get 5.
3. Every time your friends earn, you get paid too. In below invited section your referal code. Copy your referal code send and post your facebook or another media someone click and create account you will get 5 point and they will also get 5 points.

How to transaction?
First click on the withdraw there is your payment method section paypal, mobile recharge and other way every way you want to select you can transacted money from it. In next article i will show you withdraw from it. Now this article just for learning and installation. Work on it and earn more money afer coming to this website we will share withdrawll article.
Our work;
How to download the Maxcash App?
How to work the Maxcash App?
How to installed the Maxcash App?
How to earn Money from Maxcash App?
Is it a real? Yes

How to create account?

Does we create account without referal code in this App? No

This is Referal Code (9D2R63Y8) enter this code in referal section.

Copy this above code and paste in your referal section.

You can not created account without referal code.
How to transfer money from this App?
By which way We can selected?
Is transfer to Mobile SIM? Yes
Does it transfer to paypal? Yes
How to withdraw from this App?
Ok, login to your account ckick on the withdrawal section in the below part after choice your method click on the submit button in 24 hours you get payment request.

Dear brother if u have any questions about technical you can share with us in comment section.


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