Blue Light Filter for Eye Care

Tired of calling?

Having trouble looking at your phone screen?

That’s because of the light of the sky. The spectrum of blue light screen (380-550nm) is 24 hours. Scientific research has shown that exposure to blue light can cause severe damage to retinal nerve cells and suppress the production of melatonin, circadian rhythm and pain hormones. Make sure blue and low light are strongly distributed.

Blue Matrix reduces blue light by adjusting the magic of the face to natural colors. He can browse the screen without changing his mood and enjoy the comfort of his eyes while reading at night. Also, blue light can protect their eyes and help them easily.

The main characteristics of milk:
● Reduce blue light
● Matrix strength is adjustable
● Power saving
● very easy to use
● Screen Mafia operated by Abro
● Screen light protects eyes

blue light and reduction
The screen can be changed to a natural color to reduce blue light affecting the screen.

screen matrix strength
Mazorians can also easily adjust their stamina and use slippers to soften the evening lights.

they save electricity
It saves a lot of energy and energy due to the reduction of blue light from the screen as a physical exercise.

easy to use
The handy button and self-timer app also helps you turn it on and off in seconds. Very useful app for my care.

screen protector
Therefore, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted. Develop good reading habits.

Screen light for eye protection
Maya facelift protects the eyes and enjoys the evening mood in a short time.

useful tips
● Close or stop this application to preload familiar applications.
● Close or stop the app to use the live page to see the app’s performance, even if it’s not available.

Why does the application require admin rights?
– Starting with Android 12, only with this permission our app will install correctly.
– The app uses this permission to adjust screen brightness and color temperature.
– So the screen can be used normally and the eyes can be protected without disturbing the light.

– Our app does not use this license for other purposes or display its own Maya page.

related scientific research

The results of Blu-ray technology results

Circadian and melatonin rhythms in human children are highly indicative of shortwave rhythms of light
Stephen W. Lockley, George C. Brainard, Charles A. Zeissler, 2003

How they exposed their brains and bodies to the light of heaven
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Amber lenses capture blue light and sharpen, allowing experimentation
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Anti-reflective Maya Surface Matrix
Still looking for an anti-reflective mattress? This is an experienced and useful anti-reflection water mattress. Protect our matrix and eyes with anti-reflection agents.
July 12,
it provides security
Learn how to collect and share gifts from those who started safe. Protection and safety practices can be categorized according to their use, region and age. I will provide you with this information and may update it over time.
image of mother
Do not give gifts to third parties.
Better understand how to advertise a property
image of mother
This application may collect these types of donations.
Application activity, application information and performance, and device or contact identifiers
image of mother
Information is encrypted during transmission.
image of mother
Can request to cancel funding.
Ratings and Reviews
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three horses
June 21,
Very clean app, easy to see and choose different colors for spot lighting, added the best magic feature to blur brows (best feature in my opinion) and an extra blur feature! This is very useful if they are in a very dark room. I don’t have any issues with my implementation and I’m getting better day by day.
385 people found this review helpful.
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Jerberdo Bear
June 6,
It’s great to use familiar apps lately. The light of the sky shone on him, and his face turned yellow. This app lets you lower the brightness if your phone allows, and works better with brighter blue light. And these ads are habitual.


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