GTA 5 Import Export Top Range Only guide

Many GTA players asked in the online forums how to source only the finest cars in imports exports top range only in GTA 5. To help these players, we have organized this GTA import export guide, today that covers the useful ways of experienced GTA players. Hopefully, it will be useful to you.

GTA 5 Import Export Top Range Only guide

Start bringing your vehicle to the warehouse and climb up to 32! I know that the warehouse can supply up to 40 cars, but the magic number is 32. If you have already passed 32, the next time you go to the warehouse, list the vehicles by name and identify which models to reserve. Then we sell spare cars that keep only one of each model.

After that, the exact tank you export will be the next tank to spawn at the start of the import mission. That’s because when you start importing, you don’t get the same spares as already supplied until you have completed all 32 models. And because there are 32 diffs. Only after reaching this number is the model repeated.

In this way, if you have a partner to help you, you can sell 1-4 high street vehicles, and only spawn the vehicles you exported. Alternatively, when you try to complete a collection, the scope can continue to export specific models so that the same models continue to be created.

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Best way to Import and Export Top Range

The best way I think of is to just keep exporting high ranges, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a collecting vehicle or not. Store your car in two collections: X-80 / Osiris / T20 and Roosevelt / Z-Type. To get more cars, you can see GTA 5 cheats money, the free in game.

I would like to suggest that both of these collections are high-range vehicles. You can export your collection when playing games with two or more friends, so in addition to the value of expensive vehicle exports, you’ll also receive a collection bonus.

Create a game source

If you only want to create a game source for Top Range vehicles so you can pick them up during the resupply mission, you only need to complete the collection set and no additional vehicles afterwards. In addition (after selling two cars in the TOP RANGE collection), you need to keep the car depot full 75% full and always keep only the top range of cars. Then everything is done.

This means a steady flow of $ 80,000. That is, if the pickup is successfully repaired at a cost of $ 0, and the delivery is perfect, without loss of commission during transportation, i.e. without damage to the car. The best is the (public) solo lobby, but it also works in the public lobby where other players attend.

This method shows a guaranteed way to sell only Top Range vehicles that can offer up to $ 80,000 per shipment. As shown in the list, it is $ 100,000 but the mandatory retrofit fee for vehicle cargo before sale is $ 20,000. This is the highest fee you can get when offering an undamaged top range / top rated car.

This is what I want to call simply the 10/10/10 collection method. To avoid confusion of vehicles that need to be kept in the warehouse, the necessary / required 10x standard vehicles, 10x medium-range vehicles and 12x top-range vehicles are already stored in two cars, so you just need to create an Export Collection. Will be sale of your choice.

So this was the guide of only top range Import Export in GTA 5 game, hopefully this guide have made you able to do import and export.

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